Metal Medals – Although the metal used is of good quality (golden brass, antique silver, sterling silver or plaqué gold), we advise against exposing metal medals to water. This procedure will also protect the enamel.

The beauty of the images is evidenced only in the dimension in which it was conceived. Thus, it is not possible to change their dimensions and make them tailor-made. This condition is valid for all items.

The wood is completely not recommended for outdoor placement. You can choose a dolomite image and let us know at the time of ordering that it would be placed outside. We will apply a UV protector that should be renewed regularly (maybe once or twice a year, depending on exposure).

In any case, it must be borne in mind that images of dolomite (reconstructed stone) are also damaged when exposed directly to rain and wind. There's nothing that can prevent this erosion. Even stone or metal images, when placed outside, show erosion with the passage of time.

As shippers impose weight limits and/or dimensions for common transport, in these cases, please send us an email to artesdomosteiro@artesdomosteiro.pt with your order and delivery address. We will send a quote with the price of transport adapted to your specific case.

Thank you for your interest in the manual art of the Sisters of Bethlehem marketed by the Artes do Mosteiro. We do not practice resale prices or discounts. However, nothing prevents you from purchasing products on this page under the current conditions and reselling them under the conditions you set out.

Since these are monastic handicrafts whose commercialization contributes to the maintenance of this religious cloistered order, we do not practice discounts.


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